Our Story - MaiTri Centre
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Our Story


A world celebrating diversity through love.


A space to explore the vast world of the human spirit.


MaiTri is a Sanskrit word which can be translated as Love or loving-kindness. It can also be used to describe the mental union that takes place when two or more people are on the same wavelength.


The MaiTri Centre is a non-denominational Urban Sanctuary offering a peaceful and healing environment for transformative experiences of mind, body and soul.


Our community hub provides you with an opportunity to meet a diverse range of like-minded people conveniently located in the heart of Richmond.


Our premises is based around creating Sattvic energy, therefore is an alcohol and meat free venue.


In Vedic philosophy different activities are said to promote one of 3 different qualities of energy.  Very simply, tamasic energy is described as dull and lethargic, rajasic energy is active and passionate; and sattvic energy is peaceful, balanced and harmonised.  To support an environment that is conducive to healing and blossoming of the human spirit, the MaiTri centre nurtures a sattvic environment which amongst other things includes keeping the space alcohol and meat free.  We hope you enjoy the serene vibes!


The Maitri centre is supported by the Family Office of Peter Cooper and Suparna Bhasin.  It is a physical representation of the MaiTri Foundation their private family foundation which focuses on: Philanthropy, Social Enterprise and Private Investment.